"The Future Is Bright"

By Global Precision Ltd
schedule11th Jan 21

“The future for Global Precision is looking bright”, says Sales Manager Darren Webb.

Global Precision, with Headquarters in West Yorkshire and manufacturing split between the UK and China, have always had a flexible approach with customers and their manufacturing solutions. This flexibility has promoted an evolution of the business structure which has become ever more essential in the current economic climate.

A recent trend UK manufacturing wishing to have production onshore has been accelerated in recent times, stemming from uncertainties around Brexit and the implications that a global pandemic has had on offshore supply, logistics, associated costs and much more.

In response to this, Global Precision have made ongoing re-investment into their UK facilities through the purchase of a larger state of the art factory, additional equipment and recruitment of key personnel. 

The impact of the pandemic created a decline in some sectors of the company, primarily automotive and transport, but also created a significant upturn in other areas, such as PPE and Healthcare.

With focus on both energy efficiency and processing efficiency, Global Precision’s new factory - nestled by the river in historic Haworth - is geared up to accommodate low volume development projects. 

Global Precision’s Sales Manager Darren Webb, says that “Commercially, this higher volume production is equal to, if not more competitive than, their China counterparts. 

So where Far East manufacture was always seen as the more cost-effective solution, this now isn’t always the case. Once costs and time for shipping are factored in, as well as tariffs for import (etc.) a UK manufacturing solution is becoming more and more viable!”

However, the benefit of China’s diversity of processes is not to be underestimated and many of Global Precision’s more recent projects have combined tooling and specialist processes in China, along with UK moulding and assembly, to provide the most appropriate and efficient solution to their clients.

As with most other businesses throughout the country, Global has had to adapt to recent changes and restrictions. However, the West Yorkshire based company don’t intend to let this hold them back, with a current recruitment drive in full swing to grow the production team, in line with their forecasted increase in manufacturing, through 2021 and beyond.

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