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By Global Precision Ltd
schedule3rd Aug 22

The healthcare manufacturing sector is an exciting and dynamic industry whose contribution plays a pivotal role in modern day society. The scope of production is phenomenal and includes everything from pharmaceuticals to prosthetics, with a vast range of products that prevent, diagnose, and treat illness, as well as improve the population’s health. 

At Global, we love working within healthcare manufacturing and being part of an exhilarating sector, that’s inspiring, innovating, and revolutionising patient care!

There is no doubt about it that healthcare manufacturing brings complex challenges, with health burden climbing alongside the living age of the population, it is under increasing demand to perform and overcome the challenges brought by the demand for faster, better, and more personalised health care. But the extent of what can be achieved within the sector is astounding and it is a huge source of pride for us to play a part in this.  

Our agile capability lends itself beautifully to the sometimes unpredictable and time pressured nature that can accompany healthcare manufacturing. Not long ago we all saw the reality of this when vital PPE and a large-scale vaccine roll out were required worldwide, requiring manufacturing to be rapidly scaled to meet global demands. 

Healthcare manufacturers must navigate supply chains that are capable of meeting trial demands, newest clinical advancements, and adapting to novel approaches, whilst meeting stringent FDA standards. At Global Precision, we are well positioned to offer end to end manufacturing solutions, as well as bolt on services within a manufacturing chain. Our ability to manufacture small and intricate parts is vital in an industry where self-administration devices and personalised healthcare is becoming more prominent, often requiring smaller, less invasive products - It is an exciting time! 

Some of our recent work involved the production of bespoke housing for the IMT Matcher witnessing Camera, used in IVF clinics and donor banks for monitoring the journey of gametes and embryos. To say this is an exciting piece of kit is an understatement - We never grow tired of celebrating our client’s innovative designs! 

We were delighted earlier this year when the government announced funding of £260 million to ‘support research and development, as well as the manufacturing of new drugs, devices, and diagnostics.’ For us, healthcare manufacturing is a fascinating and rewarding industry to be a part of and we are excited to see where our capabilities lead us to next! 

If you would like to know more about our manufacturing capabilities and how we can become your healthcare manufacturing partner, get in touch at: - We'd love to chat!

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