Back on the road with Made in Yorkshire!

By Global Precision Ltd
schedule18th May 22

There are many things we are passionate about here at Global Precision but up there at the top of the list must be our immense pride to be based in Yorkshire.  It is indeed a fabulous place to live and work. Our own location is amazing and we enjoy being able to watch the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway steam past us on many occasions.

So, on the theme of transport, imagine how excited we were at the thought of being back on the road with Made in Yorkshire.  With a series of expos running in Leeds, Derby, and Wolverhampton, as part of their Backing Britain 3.0 campaign, it was a perfect opportunity to get motoring and meet up with lots of other manufacturers and those involved in the supply chain.

For us, so many exciting things start with a conversation.

Darren Webb, our sales manager doesn’t need much of an excuse to get out there and enjoy a drive around the region.  Being an active cyclist and hiker, he loves nothing more than a chance to embrace the landscapes of the North – however, on this occasion it was definitely best done by car!

Darren attended the events in Leeds and Derby and enjoyed not only meeting great contacts but also the range of presentations delivered.  There was a focus on current manufacturing challenges facing businesses operating in a range of sectors.  Another speaker gave a very interesting presentation on the future of manufacturing for electric vehicles.  This is an area quite close to our hearts as we work with several global car manufacturers so its always good to get fresh updates on where the industry is heading. 

Another topic covered was eye opening, as a representative from IBM talked about the amount of wastage we have, whether in our homes or at business premises.  The focus was all about the costs involved of dealing with wastage and how that continues to impact our carbon footprint.  He shared news with the audience about a potential labelling system that IBM are working on that will educate us all on product shelf life and reduced wastage.

Another presentation was from the first British, female fighter jet pilot.  Her story was fascinating and just further highlights the need for more women in STEM.  She made ground-breaking achievements and continues to inspire our future generations.

The networking was made even more interesting by the fact that you could offer your contacts a tour of your virtual stand rather than physically set up a complete exhibition stand.  This formula worked really well, and also included a remote, digital tour of our manufacturing facility.

On the subject of tours, we just love showing people around our factory in Howarth.  If you have an idea for a product and want to explore innovation, just get in touch with us and let’s arrange for you to come over and see us.

Meanwhile check out our 3D tour of the factory!

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